ACT Blade featured in ORE Catapult’s “Backing the Game Changers” campaign

Backing the Game Changers

ORE Catapult has done a brilliant short video on our company as part of their “Backing the Game Changers” campaign. It does a great job of explaining the essence of what the ACT Blade is – a highly innovative blade backed by extensive research and engineering experience in the marine industry.

You can watch the video here.

ORE Catapult also has ACT Blade as their featured case study on their homepage. It’s great to see the confidence our technology partners have in the ACT Blade – confidence based on understanding the potential of the technology, getting to know the highly skilled technical team working on the project, and the consistent progress of our development efforts.

News organizations in the renewables sector have also taken an interest in our technology – we’re happy to report that we have been recently featured in the Offshore Wind Journal, ReNews and Ocean News.