Our Team

Dr Sabrina Malpede

Sabrina is the Managing Director and co-founder of ACT Blade, which she started up in 2014 and separated from SMAR Azure in Nov 2015. With both an Honours degree in Aeronautical Engineering from the University of Federico II in her hometown of Naples, Italy and a PhD in Sail Design from the University of Glasgow, she brings over a decade of experience in the design and marketing of innovative solutions to bear on the project. Sabrina won the Royal Society of Edinburgh Enterprise Fellowship in 2003 and a SMART Scotland award for her development of a novel product in the field of rig design in 2004, which is now marketed by SMAR Azure Ltd all over the world. Focusing mainly on technology development, strategy and commercial developments, Sabrina’s tasks include liaising with partners and suppliers and working on business strategies. She is delighted to be able to put the expertise in lightweight textile structures which she gained during her PhD to work on such a groundbreaking project, which will contribute to a larger and faster diffusion of wind energy. When not in the office, she enjoys keeping fit or travelling and has a keen interest in the arts.

Dr Alessandro Rosiello

ACT Blade’s CFO, Alessandro has been working on the project since its outset and is one of the co-founders. He is a Business Economist, with a PhD in Economics from the University of Strathclyde. Alongside his work with ACT Blade, he also teaches Entrepreneurial Management and Finance at the University of Edinburgh. His role within the team is that of financial management, developing business plans and long-term strategies. The idea of helping to tackle climate change and making a real difference to the environment motivates him in his work, as do the challenges involved in introducing an innovative new technology to the market. He enjoys the international atmosphere of the team and the forward-looking attitudes of its young engineers. In his free time, he is an enthusiastic sportsman and delights in culinary experimentation.

Dr Donald MacVicar

CTO for the ACT Blade team and one of the founding members, Donald has been part of the project since day one. With a BEng in Electronic and Software Engineering and a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Glasgow, his role is to help the R&D team to find solutions to technical challenges as well as planning work packages and time frames. His studies have given him ample experience of building mechanical systems and the planning involved at each stage of research and development. Being a practical person, he derives great satisfaction from resolving the engineering challenges which inevitably arise in such an innovative project. The goal of seeing ACT Blade transformed from a computerised concept to a real, physical product is a great motivation for Donald. Outside of work, he enjoys woodwork and furniture building. He is also an enthusiastic sailor and regularly involved with his local sailing club.

Niklas Meyn

Niklas joined the team in October 2016 as a R&D engineer. He has a BSc in Mechanical Engineering and an MSc in Aerospace Engineering, both from the University of Brunswick. Before taking up his post with ACT Blade, he gained valuable experience in the field of composite structures whilst working with Volkswagen and with the DLR Institute of Composite Structures and Adaptive Systems. His main task within the team is the design and structural analysis of ACT Blade components, although he also works closely with his colleagues on aerodynamic elements of the project when necessary. He is enthusiastic about revolutionising energy production methods for a greener future and the challenges this poses for younger generations. The varied nature of his daily tasks is a constant motivation for Niklas. When not at work, he spends his time cycling and exploring the great outdoors.

James Boyle

James joined the company in June 2017 as Mechanical Engineer part of the Research & Development Team. Previously for the past two and a half years he worked for another company where he was responsible for the development of vertical wind turbines. He had to both build the blades and refine the specification improving their efficiency and performance also the construction and manufacturing process. Prior to that he worked in marine, construction and manufacturing industries for around twenty three years in his own companies, starting in the 1980’s designing and building hovercraft, working with epoxies and composite materials, developing lift and propulsion systems, also working on a variety of engines stripping them down and rebuilding them improving their performance. At the same time he carried out boat repairs to yachts and power boats as well as designing and building a wide range of glass fibre mouldings for industrial, leisure and marine industries. In 2001 he took an office at a local marina and concentrated on boat repairs. By 2006 he had with the assistance of the marina built a new up to date facility where he concentrated on and specialised in structural repairs again mainly working in epoxies. In his spare time he likes to spend time with his wife and family, especially his dog and granddaughter. James also likes to work on his land rovers preparing them for off road excursions around Scotland.

Niklas Järvstråt

Niklas joined the ACT Blade team in February 2020 . As responsible for the ACT Blade structural and fluid-structural analysis, he supports the structural design of our blades. Bringing close to 30 years of experience in all aspects of mechanical modelling of aerospace superalloys as well as more common metals, Dr Niklas Järvstråt has the knowledge and experience to provide accurate and appropriate mechanical simulations from material modelling and simulation requirements through to validated strength and integrity assessments using efficient and appropriate numerical tools. He was Associate Professor in Materials technology and covered roles of technology development within several organizations.

Nabiha AlBanna

Nabiha joined the team in December 2019, helping with administrative duties and producing marketing materials. She’s got a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design and is currently taking her MBA online. She has experience in administrative work and has previously worked as a project coordinator in a charity in UK that had many projects abroad, her role involved many things such as communicating with partners and beneficiaries to ensure that they have received their aid, supervision of projects and preparing monthly reports. In the past she worked in media for over 2 years as a production assistant.
She’s very interested in arts and enjoys movies. In her spare time, Nabiha likes to watch movies, puzzles and socialising. She enjoys walks around the city and discover new things.

John Rimmer

John Rimmer joined ACT Blade in Sep 2021 as Chief Specialist. Having been  Senior Director of Rotor Engineering and Managing Director at Vestas in the UK, John Rimmer brings more than twenty years of experience in wind turbine blade design and manufacturing.